Introduction to CNC Milling – Heidenhain Control

Introduction to CNC Milling – Heidenhain Control

Course ID: 413    Duration: 5 days


An excellent practical introduction to CNC milling using Heidenhain control, this course provides instruction in machine control, programming, program preparation and program execution. Instruction takes place both in the classroom and in Seta’s state-of-the-art workshop facilities.

This course is ideally suited to those with little or no previous experience of CNC programming.


  • Introduction to the machine and its controls: referencing the machine; manual movement and start-up of spindle; and manual tool changing
  • Introduction to programming: reference axis; basic movements in X, Y and Z axes; tool path radius compensations; linear movement, including chamfering and rounding of corners; and linear milling with polar co-ordinates
  • Circular milling: radius and end position specification; by tangential contour connection; and by circle centre and end position specification
  • Canned cycles: circular and rectangular pocket milling; drilling and tapping
  • Program preparation
  • Loading program into control (manual data input)
  • Setting tool offsets
  • Execution of programs: setting tool offsets; tool changing; and editing tool offsets


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