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Electrical/Mechanical/Mechatronics Apprenticeships


Level 3 - Mechatronics Maintenance Technician


Mechatronics Maintenance Technicians ensure that plant and equipment perform to the required standard to facilitate production targets regarding Safety, Quality, Delivery and Cost within High Value Manufacturing environments. Typically work will cover a broad range of activities including installation, testing, fault finding and the on going planned maintenance of complex automated equipment. This requires the application of a complex blend of skills, knowledge and occupational behaviours across the electrical, electronic, mechanical, fluid power and control systems disciplines.

Full details of this apprenticeship can be found here


Level 3 - Maintenance and Operations Engineering Technician – MOET


Maintenance & Operations Engineering Technicians will maintain the safety, integrity and effective operation of plant and equipment. These Technicians will undertake installation, testing, servicing, removal, replacement, maintenance and repair of a range of equipment, sometimes complex, as part of planned preventative and reactive maintenance programmes. They may also undertake decommissioning activities when plant is being removed from service. They will be responsible for the quality of their own work, possibly others’ and ensuring the work is completed safely, meets stakeholder quality, time and budget requirements, whilst maintaining the efficient running of plant and equipment.

The Apprenticeship Standard covers 7 roles: Electrical Technicians; Mechanical Technicians; Control & Instrumentation Technicians; Wind Turbine Technicians Electrical System and Process Control Technicians; Electromechanical Technicians and Plant Operations Technicians

Full details of this apprenticeship can be found here


Level 3 - Electrical/Mechanical Fitter


This occupation is found in manufacturing and process sectors. The broad purpose of the occupation is to produce complex high value, low volume components or assemblies in full or part, using machines, equipment or systems, to the required specification. For example, turbines, cranes, gearboxes, production lines, rigs and platforms.

Fitters may typically have a mechanical, electrical, electronic, control systems, pipe fitting or instrumentation bias or operate across multiple disciplines depending on the type of assembly. To produce or re-furbish the components fitters will interpret drawings/specifications and plan their work, for example ensuring they have the right tools, equipment and resources to complete the task to the required specification. Fitters are required to check their work against quality standards and make adjustments as required based on their knowledge. On completion of the task a fitter will hand over the product and prepare the work area for the next task by checking equipment meets the standards required to operate. They may be based in a workshop or client’s premises - this may include hazardous environments.

Full details of this apprenticeship can be found here


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