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Start your story with a Seta apprenticeship!

With Seta, you’ll gain the skills you need to take on exciting opportunities… and get ahead in your career.

We’ve trained thousands of apprentices since we started more than 50 years ago and many of our apprentices have even gone on to work with some of the world’s leading companies, including Rolls-Royce, Siemens and McLaren.

Here’s why a Seta apprenticeship will work for you...

Learning at Seta

You’ll train at Seta for at least six months, giving you a great grounding in engineering – and you’ll earn while you learn too!

What’s more, you’ll be taught by people who have ‘seen it and done it’, as our tutors have engineering backgrounds and many of them have even been apprentices themselves.

At Seta, you’ll be treated like an employee, rather than a student, and because we create a real life working environment, you’ll be ready to go confidently into an employer’s workplace. We work very closely with employers too, so we know exactly what they require - and we’ll give you the skills that are really needed in industry.

Plus, you’ll learn your engineering skills on industry-standard machinery and train, hands-on in a place that’s safe and welcoming. We’ll look after you at Seta!

Seta is behind great careers in engineering!

Seta has been providing specialist engineering training for decades and our apprenticeships are trusted by local businesses, major regional companies some of the world’s biggest organisations. We’re experts in engineering apprenticeships!

Why take up an engineering apprenticeship?

Engineering skills are in high demand so there are plenty of opportunities… and more job security than many other industries.

Training as an engineer can then take you anywhere, from developing innovative new tech, to leading huge engineering projects across the globe and working hands-on with amazing machinery.

You can use an engineering apprenticeship as a springboard to travel the world, or stay closer to home and have a rewarding career working with pioneering local companies. Plus, engineering training can make you an in-demand employee across some of the world’s most exciting industries, including automotive, aerospace, renewable energy, subsea engineering and space.

Our apprenticeships also provide to a route into higher education.

There’s a world of opportunity out there for engineers!

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